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World's Largest Alumni Tournament


GCKA will NOT be serving food or drinks at Murfin on Saturday or Sunday -  in result they are charging $5 to park at Murfin on those 2 days and you can bring in coolers of food and beverage as you wish -  please remove your trash .

The softball has been changed this year to a Baden Classic M ball and a Classic W -  hitting rules are the same and there is NOT unlimited softballs for each game .  Tournament director will provide one new and 2 used per game ( providing teams hand over balls at completion of game )  If your team hits fould balls or HR then please retrieve them.  Backup balls could be anything left over from prior tournaments.  Games will also be put on time limits. 

Bat Testing:  commissioner can test any bat at anytime -  if a player is found to have an illegal bat they will be removed from that game and the following 2 games after ( even if that is games in next years tournament )   If a batter hits a pitcher that bat can be checked and tested as soon as possible ( the game will NOT be stopped and the bat will NOT be removed until it is tested ) If a player has 2 test that fail they will be banned from the tournament for the remaining games that year plus 2 years following.

The Commissioner reserves the right to change , alter, cancel any rule at anytime if he feels its best for the tournament as a whole or a team/player is not gaining an advantage .


COMBINING CLASS: It is the intent of the Alumni tournament to play with a single class team whenever possible.

  Mens A will not have the option to combine classes until the youngest team is 20 years graduated from high school.   If a 40 year old and over team wants to play in A they can have a roster of anyone 40 yrs old and over. 

Womens division may not combine with another class until the youngest team is 15 years graduated from high school.   Women can enter a 35 year and older team .

Mens B same as Mens A

Mens 35+ Mens 45+ only as needed and must submit request to commissioner for ruling.

*** If/when 2 classes combine they must combine with a class 1 year older or 1 year younger.  If those classes choose to play as a single class team then they can skip that year and go to the next.  ( example = if 1934 class wants to combine it must be with 1933 or 1935.  If 1935 is playing as a single class then 1936 becomes the next option -  if years are not playing then the next closest year will be the option .  The team combining can choose which class they want to play with )



A class must have an A team, 35+, 45+ team in order to have a B team


Pinch runners:  Mens A, B, Womens = sanctioned tournament rules apply , check with umpire.

35+,45+,Ladies =  unlimited with players not in the active lineup and then sanction rules apply - and if both teams agree on pinch runner rules prior to start of game they can be altered based on both teams agreement. 





2021 ALL STAR GAME:   Friday Murfin   630pm
TEAM CRIMSON                                                                                        TEAM BLUE
2004 - Trevor Andrews and John Radich                                               2007 - Matt Stokes and Tyler Gleason and John Tomer
2005 - Ryan Rowley                                                                               2006 - Nick Bodin
2006 - Willie Perez                                                                                 2005 - Joe Hicks
2008 - Kirby Ayers and Bobby Tharp                                                     2011 - Zach Cochran
2009 - Jason Geyer and David Kennett                                                2012 - Tyler Kent and Mitchell Stephens
2010 - Joey Ford and Korey Ayers                                                        2013 - Dallas Allen
2011 - Ken Reichle                                                                                2014 - Jake Faught 
2013 - Dan Ankrum                                                                               2015 - Robbie Jobe
2014 - Tyler Cowles                                                                              2017 - Dalton Ford
2015 - Peyton Bowyer                                                                          2018 - Kyle Sigman and Tristen Siemer
2016 - Sam Saxton and Luke Baker                                                     2019 - DJ Neff and Layton McCoy
2017 - Logan Williams                                                                          2020 - Gavin Wolfe
2020 - Jacob Burris                                                                              2021 - Austin Allmon
35+ division player/coach -  Tim Tea                                                    35+ division player/coach - Steve Edwards

Grove City Alumni Tournament